SEE REPORT Exercise 0 - Subject, Verb, and Object/Complement
Click a space and then an answer button. When finished, click the Check button. You have 3 chances.
Choose words that complete the sentences.


1. Vincent a singer.   2. is a guitar player.
Vincent sings.  3. Sebastian the guitar.
4. Vincent and Sebastian The Black Bandits.
5. Vincent and Sebastian music together.
6. Vincent and Sebastian play classical music?  7. No. They play classical music.
8. Does Sebastian rock music?   9. Yes. He rock music.
10. Sebastian a good guitar player?   11. Yes. He is a killer .
12.  Vincent and Sebastian popular?   13. Yes and no. The Black Bandits are  in Honolulu.   14. They  popular in others places.
15.  The Black Bandits practice?   16. They  at Hawaii Rocks Studios.
17.  The Black Bandits play live?   18. They  live on Saturdays.
19.  Vincent and Sebastian like heavy metal?   20. Heavy metal  them energy.