SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2a - Simple Present & Present Continuous
Write the simple present or present continuous form of the verb. Look at the sentence carefully.

1. Matt  (study) Chinese in his room.
2. We (move) to a larger house.
3. The company (close) one hundred and twenty stores.
4. What are you doing? You (make) a mess!
5. Stew (talk) with the sales team.
6. BJ and Waichan (buy) a home together.
7. Alassandro (live) with his grandparents.
8. The football team (practice) for the big game on Saturday.
9. The garbage problem (grow) everyday.
10. The class (finish) their writing assignment.
11. Our neighbors (fight) again.
12. The movement of the boat (make) me sick.
13. Tiffany (get) drunk.
14. Marsha and her sister (share) a bedroom.
15. I (try) to study! Could you be quiet?