SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Narrative
Complete the story with the past forms of the verbs.

The Tragic Tale of Red Riding Hood
          There was once this young girl. I don't know what she 1(be called) really, because I only ever 2(hear) her being called by her nickname Red Riding Hood, at least I think it was her nickname. It was how they usually 3(refer) to her in the village, anyway. I always 4(assume) that it 5(come) from the red hooded top that she 6(wear), day in day out, wherever she went. But I might have been wrong. Anyway, one day her mother 7(tell) her to take a basket filled with goodies to her grandma, who 8(happen) to live on the other side of the forest. Red Riding Hood 9(live) in a small cottage on the edge of a big forest, and she 10(spend) all her life there. She 11(set) off in a happy mood. The sun 12(shine) through the trees, the birds 13(sing). It was just as though everyone 14(wait) for Walt Disney to come and draw the scene. What 15(can) possibly spoil such a perfect day? What indeed? While she 16(walk) through the forest, she 17(see) a wolf 18(stroll) slowly towards her, humming something to himself. A minute or so earlier, the wolf 19(watch) her from behind a tree, and 20(think) to himself, "She'd make a nice juicy meal." But as he 21(not want) to frighten her off, he 22(decide) to act nonchalant.