SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Narrative
Complete the story with the past forms of the verbs.

          As he approached the little girl, she 1(remember) what her mother 2(tell) her before she left the house. That on no account 3(be) she to stop or dawdle on the way, or to talk to strangers. But the wolf 4(look) like such a handsome creature that she 5(think) to herself, "He's not like a real stranger." So when he 6(ask) her where she 7(go) on such a fine day, she innocently 8(reply) that she 9(be) on her way to visit somebody on the other side of the forest. "Who are you going to visit, little girl?" 10(inquire) the wolf inquisitively. "It's whom?" said the girl petulantly. "You ought to say, 'Whom are you going to visit?'" She could be a stickler about grammar. But then thinking that perhaps she 11(hurt) his feelings, she 12(relent) and told him she was going to her grandma's. The wolf 13(need) a bit of time to carry out the plan he 14(think) up on the spot, so he 15(tell) her that up ahead there 16(be) a clearing full of beautiful bluebells, and what a good idea it 17(will be) to pick some to take to her grandma. When she 18(protest) that her mother 19(tell) her never to pick wild flowers, he 20(laugh) and said that there 21(be) thousands of them, and that nobody 22(going to) miss a dozen or so. And with that he 23(disappear) into the forest, whistling a happy tune.