SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Narrative
Complete the story with the past forms of the verbs.

          When he 1(arrive) at her grandma's cottage, which was only a few minutes later as he 2(take) a shortcut, he 3(knock) on the door. Before the poor unfortunate woman 4(realize) what 5(happen), the wolf 6(burst) into the cottage, 7(grab) the old lady and 8(gobble) her up in one gulp. Then he 9(get) into her night clothes, and 10(jump) into the old lady's bed. 11(eat) the little girl's grandma, the wolf now 12(feel) slightly better, but it was the little girl that the wolf 13(look) forward to really, because, which I think I've forgotten to tell you, Red Riding Hood 14(be) rather a plump young girl, and 15(promise) to be a bit more nourishing than her old grandma, who 16(be) to be honest, a bit on the skinny side. Not long after, the little girl herself 17(arrive) at the door. She 18(be) a bit out of breath because she 19(run). "Hopefully that's the last I've seen of that wolf," she 20(mutter) to herself, wondering if in fact he wasn't perhaps a little strange after all. Before she even had time to ring the bell, she heard a voice. "Come on in dear, it's open," 21(say) the wolf, who 22(watch) her walk up the path, from the bedroom window. "That's strange," 23(think) the girl, "her voice seems a bit deeper than usual. Perhaps she's got a cold." Then she 24(remember) that her mother 25(tell) her that her grandma 26(be) ill, and that was why she 27(take) her the food.