SEE REPORT ? Exercise 4 - Narrative
Complete the story with the past forms of the verbs.

          When she 1(see) her grandma propped up in bed, it was true, she 2(not seem) to be quite her usual self. She 3(wear) her usual night gown alright, and her enormous nightcap. But there was something about her that 4(not be) quite right. Her eyes 5(seem) bigger than normal, and so did her ears, not to mention her enormous hooter. Just as Red Riding Hood was starting to say something about her grandma's rather large teeth, before she 6(can) even get the words out, the wolf 7(decide) that enough was enough, that he 8(can't keep) this up any longer, so he 9(jump) out of bed, remembering a phrase he 10(read) in some nursery rhyme or other, and which 11(sound) rather appropriate to the occasion. "All the better to eat you with," he 12(snarl). Red Riding Hood 13(be) quick to retort, "Shouldn't that be 'All the better with which to eat you'?" "Yeah, whatever,"14(snap) back the wolf, by now thoroughly fed up with all this constant grammatical criticism, and he quite literally 15(wolf) her down, right there on the spot. Now some people say that this sort of story has to have a happy ending, and insist that a hunter 16(happen) to be passing at that very moment, and being a quick-witted sort of chap, 17(open) up the wolf and 18(rescue) both the unfortunate victims before you could say Jack Robinson. But there's another darker theory that questions whether Red Riding Hood was quite what she seemed, and rumor has it that at this very moment she 19(whip) out a gun that she 20(carry) in her knickers that day, and that she 21(shoot) the wolf stone dead. And there's yet another version, which suggests that Red Riding Hood 22(meet) a sticky end at the hands of an egomaniacal woodchopper, who, 23(not read) the story, 24(not realize) that he 25(be) meant to save her. What's more, he 26(see) her picking the flowers in the clearing earlier on, and being incensed at this act of wanton vandalism, 27(decide) to avenge the poor flowers, which was exactly what he 28(do).
The End.