Comparative and Superlative
ADJECTIVE-er than  (1 or 2 syllables ending in "y") Sara is quicker than Tomoko.
Shinji is sillier than Tomo.
more + AD-JEC-TIVE + than  (2 or more syllables) Presto Cleaning is more affordable than Midwest Cleaners.
the + ADJECTIVE-est  (1 or 2 syllables ending in "y") Pedro was the bravest warrior of the tribe.
Marcus is the busiest person that I know.
the most + AD-JEC-TIVE  (2 or more syllables) Sonya is the most studious in the class.
Special case
good » better, best
bad » worse, worst
far » farther, farthest
Jamie is the best.
Jamie is better than James.
Mark is worse than James.
Mark is the worst.
Other cases
not selfless
not selfless enough
not as selfless as
as selfless as
more selfless than
selfless enough
too selfless
Julie is not selfless. She only thinks of herself.
Julie is not selfless enough. She should think of others.
Mark is not as selfless as James.
James is as selfless as Mark.
Actually, James is more selfless than Mark.
James is selfless enough. He doesn't need to think of others any more than he does.
As a matter of fact, James is too selfless. He should think of himself sometimes.