Gerunds are Nouns
Form: VERB+ing
Negative: not VERB+ing
Reading good literature increases your vocabulary. (subject)
His favorite thing to do is reading comic books. (complement)
She loves reading romance novels. (object)
He was arrested for robbing the local jewelry store. (object of preposition)
The trek will last a week and involves hiking over twenty miles through mountains and forests. (object)
I understand buying an SUV if you have a large family to haul, but it doesn't make much sense, otherwise. (object)
Sara enjoys not working. (object)
A possessive pronoun can come before a gerund:
I hope that you appreciate his offering you this opportunity. Verbs before gerunds
admit advise appreciate avoid can't help
can't see complete consider defend delay
deny discuss dislike don't remind enjoy
imagine involve keep mention mind
miss postpone practice suggest understand

Infinitives are Nouns
Form: to VERB
Negative: not to VERB
Her ambition is to write novels. (complement)
The actors intended to leave early. (object)
You must study to learn. (adverb)
He lacked the strength to resist. (adjective)
She managed to communicate with them, even though she didn't speak their language. (object)
I decided not to go to Osaka. (object)

A noun can sometimes come before an infinitive:
Your parents want you to make the best use of your time here at Norwalk Community College.

Verbs before infinitives
agree appear arrange care claim
decide demand deserve expect fail
get happen hesitate hope intend
learn manage offer plan pretend
refuse seem swear tend wait