Count Nouns Non-Count Nouns
A man with a cowboy hat wants to talk with you. The man doesn't seem very friendly. Water leaked down through four floors. The water came from a water heater.
An elephant became upset and attacked the handlers. The elephant was shot and killed by police. Rice spilled all over the floor. The rice wasn't very good anyway.
This/That man took my iPhone. I'm sure of it. This/That water tastes strange.
These/Those men attacked me in the parking lot. This/That rice smells bad.
Are there any logs in the basement?
No, we don't have any.
Yes, we have some.
Is there any wood left?
No, we don't have any.
Yes, we have some.
Many people came to the party. A lot of sand was still left.
A few eggs are left. A little water is left.
Some people were unhappy with the service. Some gas leaked into the water tank.
There are too many flies in our house. There is too much smoke coming from the oven.
There are no logs in the basement. There is no lumber left.
Do we have enough plates?
No, we don't have enough.
Do we have enough butter?
Yes, we have enough.
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Counting mass nouns with counters:
…two cups of anything: tea, water, milk, flower, rice, oil, beans, molasses, chocolate chips
…three pounds/slices of meat
…four glasses/cartons/gallons/bottles of juice/milk
…two gallons/buckets/bottles of water
…three bottles/cases of wine/beer/soda (Coke)
…two rolls of aluminum foil/paper towels/toilet paper
…four slices of cheese/cake/pie/pizza/bread
…three panes of glass
…two tubes of toothpaste
...a stick of butter/gum
...three loaves of bread; loaf of bread
...a jar of mayonnaise/pickles/peanut butter
...five cans/bowls of soup
...two heads of cabbage/lettuce
...two pinches of salt/pepper
...three tablespoons/teaspoons of oil/salt/pepper/vanilla