Passive Voice

Use: the passive voice highlights the action instead of who or what did the action.
Note: The active voice is stronger and recommended when you write.

Form: be verb (am, was, were, are, is, been) + past participle verb (taken, drafted, driven, become, written, etc.)
Negative Form: be verb + not + past participle verb
Future Form: will be + past participle verb
Present Perfect Form: has/have been + past participle verb
            If included, the doer of the action follows by

My pens are always taken. (passive in the present with an adverb)
Someone always takes my pens.

His car
was hit by a garbage truck. (passive in the past)
A garbage truck hit his car. (active)

The trash was not taken out yesterday. (negative passive in the past)
You didn't take out the trash yesterday. (active)

The garbage will be picked up before noon. (passive in the future)
The garbage truck will pick up the garbage before noon. (active)

The trash has already been taken out. (passive in the present perfect with an adverb)
Johnny has already taken out the trash. (active)