Simple Past

Use: actions or facts completed in the past. Finished time.

1. VERB-ed or VERB-d
draft drafted
argue argued

2. Some verbs add or change endings:
map mapped
try tried

3. Some verbs are irregular:
drive drove
make made
sleep slept

4. We use did + SUBJECT + VERB for questions:
Did you book a hotel room yet?
Did Mr. Gupta approve the request?

5. We use used to + VERB to talk about what was true, but isn't now:
Greg used to drive, but he doesn't now.

Negative Form: didn't/did not + VERB
No. I didn't book a hotel yet.
She didn't make reservations for Saturday night.  

He drove for three hours to work everyday for thirty years.
(past action)

Although she stopped singing around the age of ten, she is a pop idol now because of her dancing. (She used to sing)