Phrasal Verbs

Use: We use phrasal verbs the same way as verbs. A verb and one or two prepositions function as one unit.
Form: verb + preposition (+ preposition)
Martha is looking over the report now, so we should know soon.
The entire class handed in their projects on time.
The track team loaded up on Pepsi and chips, so they didn't do very well in the race.

Common Phrasal Verbs:
The explosive blew up in this hand.
I was brought up by my aunt.
You have to do this over.
Please fill out this form.
I can't even fill up my tank.
We called off the picnic because of the storm.
You left out the most important part.
Look up the spelling in a dictionary.
I didn't make up the story. It's really true.
Pick out the toy you really want.
Please pick up your sister from school.
David! Put away your toys.
Put on a nice dress. We're going to a fancy restaurant.
The room must be set up by 5 pm.
Make sure you put out the fire.
Take off those dirty close and put them in the washer.
Don't throw away those socks. They're still new.
Tell your brother to turn down his music.
Turn up the TV - I can't hear it.
Why are you reading in the dark? Turn on a light.
She is trying out for the track team.
You used up all the power already? I just recharged that.