Series: I like soccer, football, and baseball.
            I had to pick up the dog from the vet, go grocery store shopping, and cook dinner.

Dates: He was born on July 4, 1974, in Detroit.

Addresses: She lives at 25 Milo Street, Topeka, Washington 03565, in a small red house.

Compound/Complex sentences:
I learned a lot in that class, and the professor agreed to be a job reference.
When she found out, she passed out in the kitchen.
Juan studied for his chemistry quiz in the café; however, it was hard to concentrate because of the noise.

Adverbs at the end of sentences that show contrast or addition:
When Jerry came dancing out with only a miniskirt, I spit out my drink laughing. I was a little turned on, though.
Really? I was a little aroused, too.

Interjections: No, Marcy is not fulfilling her responsibilities.

Non-essential phrases: My uncle, who visits us entirely too often, always asks me if I've been brushing my teeth three times a day.

Coordinate Adjectives: Mark is a tall, handsome executive.