Series: I like soccer, football, and baseball.
            I had to pick up the dog from the vet, go grocery store shopping, and cook dinner.

Dates: He was born on July 4, 1974, in Detroit.

Addresses: She lives at 25 Milo Street, Topeka, Washington 03565, in a small red house.

Compound/Complex sentences:
I learned a lot in that class, and the professor agreed to be a job reference.
When she found out, she passed out in the kitchen.
Juan studied for his chemistry quiz in the café; however, it was hard to concentrate because of the noise.

Adverbs at the end of sentences that show contrast or addition:
When Jerry came dancing out with only a miniskirt, I spit out my drink laughing. I was a little turned on, though.
Really? I was a little aroused, too.

Interjections: No, Marcy is not fulfilling her responsibilities.

Non-essential phrases: My uncle, who visits us entirely too often, always asks me if I've been brushing my teeth three times a day.

Coordinate Adjectives: Mark is a tall, handsome executive.

Quotes and Commas

Direct quotations:  Marian yelled, "Get the hell out of my way!"
                                    Marian yelled, "Get the hell out of my way!" at an old man crossing the street.
                                    "Get the hell out of my way," yelled Marian, "or I'll run you over!"

Titles: Dave Barry's novel "Big Trouble" signaled a departure from his earlier works.


Long lists with commas: We had four professors on our committee: Paul Aleshnick, Professor of Engineering; Craig Kunimura, Professor of English; Marsha Jones, Professor of Linguistics; and Ruth Johnson, Professor of ESL.

Closely related clauses: Suzie never goes to bed this early; she must be exhausted from finals exams.

Two clauses connected with an independent marker word: Mr. Ohta has offered to lead the cheerleader team; however, there are other faculty members interested in the job.


Between a sentence and a list or explanation:
They have only one option left now: turn themselves in and apologize.

Quotations with independent clauses:
My German Professor had this to say about grammar: "Spoken language came first. Grammar is just an attempt to explain the mess after the fact."

*Notice the difference between this sentence and the one above:
My German Professor said, "Spoken language came first. Grammar is just an attempt to explain the mess after the fact."