SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Adverbs
Choose where the adverb should be (A, B, C, or D). Remember that you want to put adverbs close to the verb.
Example: SheAisBhappyCat schoolD. (always) B
                 She is always happy at school.

A: YouAareBlateCfor classD, Sally. How do you do it? (never) 1
B: AMy family and IBgetCupDearly. (always) 2
A: Me tooA, but IBdon'tCget hereDin time. (sometimes) 3
B: What time do you usually leave home?
A: Well, IAwaitBfor my brother's babysitterCin the morningD, so usually around six. (always) 4
B: Do youAtakeBthe busCto schoolD? (always) 5
A: NoA. BICrideDmy bike. How about you? (usually) 6
B: AIBwalk,Cbut other times IDtake the bus.(sometimes) 7


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