SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Fragments and Run-ons
Choose if the following are fragments, run-ons, or sentences.

1. Running for the bus that was turning the corner.

2. The man with the large, black briefcase.

3. When he went to the conference, he met with training officers from many Government agencies.

4. The ship was enormous, its mast was almost 40 feet high.

5. While we waited during the rainstorm.

6. As mentioned in my letter, we will send you a draft of this year's report.

7. Penguins are amusing and interesting birds, their natural habitat is the Antarctic.

8. We asked Professor Williams to look at the problem, he is an expert in the field.

9. As I raced toward the finish line, I turned to check the runner behind me and saw him pass me.

10. Like many Americans, we own two foreign cars we have had too many problems with American-made cars.

11. To realize our dreams and fulfill our potential at work and at home.

12. Money does not guarantee happiness, happiness comes from the heart.


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