SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Possessives
Write the possessive form of the nouns in parentheses ( ).

1. The (moon) surface has no air.
2. My (husband) brother is a doctor.
3. The teacher handed back the (student) papers and told them she was very happy with their work.
4. It was hard to hear the (actor) voices. I couldn't understand what they said.
5. My (daughter) boyfriend gave her a diamond ring for her birthday.
6. The two (city) mayors reached an agreement to reduce air pollution.
7. The police arrested the (woman) son.
8. The (men) names are John and Robert.
9. The (wife) husbands are playing soccer this weekend.
10. John has a computer. His (computer) manual is difficult to understand.
11. After hours of searching the crime scene, investigators found the (perpetrators) fingerprints.
12. Considering the (report) dreadful reception, we must reevaluate its findings.
13. (War) ultimate result is suffering. In the end, no one truly wins.
14. The country reflected on the (nation) gun laws after that tragedy.
15. The audio (CD) decline in 2001 coincided with the release of the iPod, and was rapid thereafter. 


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