SEE REPORT ? Exercise 10 - Punctuation Mix
Correct the paragraph by adding commas and periods where needed. Add 10 periods and 15 commas. Make sure to capitalize the first letter of a new sentence. Put your cursor over each space for a hint.
               Rainforest Island has been treated 1 which produce beautiful wood. On 2 the 3 of bananas and sugar there as well. The island exports 4 other resources to be developed, 5 and would be ideal for tourism; 6 only 7 8 the Islands Hotel Investment Group is planning to invest heavily in 9 and will provide 10 at the end of 11 just off 12 scientists have found that 13 has had to depend on 14 - with oil and tourism about to be developed - it is likely that there will be some changes in the character of the island.


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