SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Test - Comparative and Superlative
Click an answer button to complete the sentence.
Complete the sentences using the comparative or superlative forms of the adjective, including the in the superlative and than in the comparative.
Example: That was the worst (bad) movie I have ever seen!

1. I think that this tool is (good) that one.

2. We think Martha's proposal is (realistic) for this project.

3. Customers always rate Trifecta as (reasonable) Asian restaurant in the city.

4. Tests have shown that you have (dirty) kitchen in the tri-state area.

5. Your ideas are (crazy) anyone else's.

6. This factory has had (few) defects in the industry.

7. Your miso soup is (delicious) soup I have ever tasted.

8. Linda is (tall) Jacob and Max, but not as tall as Hank.

9. McMillan has (good golf courses) Brussels.

10. Tablets are (convenient) laptops for some students.