Formatting Your Essay

Below is the standard MLA essay format. The following pages will guide you through the steps of formatting your essay properly. The steps assume you are using Microsoft Word, but you can apply these steps to other applications, too. This is only a general guide. Your professor will give you specific directions - always follow your professor's directions!

Standard Essay Format

Margins: 1" inch

Font: Times New Roman
Size: 12

Line spacing: Double

Page numbers: upper-right corner with last name first.

Your name
Professor's name
Course name
Day Month Year

Center the title

Indent (Tab key) the first line of every paragraph.

Start Step 1 below.

Vaughan, W. W. "Religion at School." Cambridge Essays on Education. Cambridge: Cambridge, 1919. Gutenberg. Web. 28 Sep. 2004.

Step 1: make sure the page layout has a 1" margin on all sides.

Check the Margins

1. Click the Page Layout tab

2. Click Margins

3. Choose 1" on all sides


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