SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Compare and Contrast
Use the comparative phrases below to complete the sentences.

as greatly as                       more slowly than              more easily than                   less often than
as deep as                          as patiently as                   not walk as quickly as         as carefully as
less extensively thanĀ       less frequently than         less simplistically than       more anxiously than
more young females than

1. Their sound could be heard by all, and men burrowed they could into the ground.
2. The Royal Navy does not appear to have suffered the British and Italian navies.
3. These cases have now got successful women thinking just men about pre-nuptial contracts.
4. In the past, there have been higher rates of illegal drug use among males than females. However, some recent surveys have suggested that, at the same age, males may be experimenting with drugs.
5. Haig dealt with this extremely undiplomatic request he could, politely pointing out that he saw "considerable difficulties" with the request.  
6. The sexual status of diabetic women has been studied that of diabetic males.
7. With her new sneakers, she could her colleagues.
8. British investment in research had grown in any other comparable country.
9. These people will turn their backs on jobs, spouses and friends far their large-handed colleagues.
10. The Cornell study found that 37 percent of smokers are eating out before the introduction of New York's Smoke-Free Air Act.
11. He interrupts such a sentence with a dependent clause or a parenthetical element much Faulkner does.
12. Dr. Parsons applies the numbers Dr. Hoserliptz, causing a delay in the results.
13. He watched her he had any of the others, unsure of how it would end.


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