Compare and Contrast

Words/Phrases That Compare
similarly Ajax Your Employees will furlough 250 workers next month. Similarly, Executives Take All is laying off 300 workers in June.
likewise The number of foreclosures is up. Likewise, unemployment is steadily increasing.
both Both proposals will have the same outcome.

Words/Phrases That Show Contrast
another difference Another difference is how the parties choose their candidates.
also differ The two sides also differ on education spending.
however We wanted to leave by nine; however, Mike arrived too late. OR
We wanted to leave by nine. However, Mike arrived too late.
but The governor urged cities to skip winter break, but Bridgeport decided to have it anyway.
while While the Red Team looks strong and fit, they also look disorganized.
whereas Children learning a second language can have perfect pronunciation, whereas most adults never obtain perfect pronunciation.

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