SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Conditionals
Choose the correct conditional form.

1. When Mr. Gotham by plane, he orders a special low carb meal.
2. If you to the theater at least half an hour early, you won't get a good seat.
3. When I that song, I think of my father.
4. If Therese doesn't get here soon, we without her.
5. Unless we a service station soon, we're going to run out of gas.
6. What if you don't have to work this weekend?
7. Unless you acting more responsibly, you're going to lose your job.
8. If I Ethan, I'd start looking for a new job.
9. The basement is a mess. I wish we time to clean it out.
10. What if you found a gold bracelet in the park?
11. If I you, I'd get someone to cut the lawn and hedges.
12. This skirt looks awful on me. I really wish I it.
13. Violet a kindergarten teacher if she didn't love children.
14. If you had gotten into any trouble during your year in North Korea, who
15. Those new shoes were a little expensive, but they were fantastic. I really wish I them.


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