SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Conditionals
Choose the correct conditional form.

1. Dr. Whittaker prefers that his students their assignments in Blackboard.
2. I think it's time you the truth about Edgar.
3. The problem with your computer may be insufficient disk space. , you may want to clean out your drive.
4. We'd better get tickets for the concert today. , they might be sold out.
5. Our neighbors insisted that we for dinner this Saturday night.
6. The Health Department ordered that the restaurant closed.
7. The problem may be too complicated for the dentist to handle. , she will refer you to a specialist.
8. I ask Judy for a date and she laughs at me?
9. It is mandatory that all students an exit exam.
10. I'd rather you me after 10 P.M.
11. The waiter suggested that we the house special.
12. I recommend that you upgrade your computer skills. , you'll have a difficult time finding a good job.


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