SEE REPORT ? Exercise 4 - Conditionals
Write a sentence by combining these sentences with the given conjunctions. Use commas when needed.
Reach the end of the hall. Turn right. (when)
When you reach the end of the hall, turn right.

1. Martha reads on the bus. She gets a headache. (when)

2. You have a headache. You should lie down. (if)

3. Get out of the swimming pool immediately. You hear thunder. (when)

4. People ignore these warnings. They can get hurt. (if)

5. Try La Trattoria. You like Italian food. (if)

6. The air quality is poor. Some people don't go outside. (when)

7. Juliana visits her family. She stops in Montreal. (when)

8. Walk for an hour every day. You want to improve your health. (if)

9. You boil mercury. It turns into the toxic gas mercury oxide. (when)

10. Yoshi sits through lectures on phonetics. He gets sleepy. (when)

11. You feel tired. You should take a nap. (when)

12. You have to report a fire. Call 911. (if)

13. Try Kazu in SoNo. You like Japanese food. (if)

14. You cover a burning candle with a jar. The flame goes out. (when)

15. Alessandro goes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is in New York. (when)


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