SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Modals
Choose the correct modal.

1. I am not really sure where he is. He in the den, or perhaps he is in the garage.
2. Vanessa  the video we rented on her way to school. It was on the counter, but now it is gone.
3. You the air pressure in your tires. You do not want to get a flat tire on your long road trip.
4. The cylinder of this rotor doesn't spin. It during production.
5. The package tomorrow afternoon. It was sent by next-day mail this morning.
6. You the concert tickets in advance - they sell out quickly.
7. What? You
8. If Ana has not come home yet, she for us in the cafe.
9. Donovan decided not to join us for coffee. He at work to close the Nolan account.
10. If I had gone with my friends to Hawaii, I on a sunny beach right now.
11. Maria agreed to meet me at the ticket counter. She for us when we get there.
12. It Justyna who called and did not leave a message on the answering machine. We talked about getting together this weekend.
13. The engine on by pulling this lever.
14. She . That could have been why her eyes were red and swollen.
15. If he was smiling, he  in a very good mood. He never smiles.
16. If I had not taken a taxi, I for you at the train station for hours.
17. That painting by Picasso. It could be a forgery.
18. Your diving equipment regularly if you want to keep it in good condition.


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