SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Modals
Write the correct forms of must and have to.

1. We couldn't install the sink ourselves, so we call a plumber. 
2. How many questions did you answer on the citizenship exam?
3. I suddenly felt ill after eating dinner. I go to the hospital.
4. She will be unable to make your five o'clock appointment tomorrow. She attend an emergency meeting.
5. I work tomorrow, so I think I'll stay in bed.
6. If you are going to dig in your backyard, you check with the city to see if there are cables or gas lines, first.
7. He work anymore because he won the Powerball lottery last year.
8. I pay a huge fine for speeding. Why didn't you get caught?
9. Gale may take an extended leave of absence.
10. Some students wear uniforms to school.
11. I wear glasses to drive because I'm nearsighted. 
12. We work together if we want to avoid massive layoffs.
13. The U.S. tackle its fiscal problems with cuts and new revenue.
14. You prepare a will if you have family members that you depend on or who depend on you.
15. You wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Connecticut.


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