SEE REPORT ? Exercise 6 - Past Perfect and other tenses
Use the correct present and past simple, continuous, and perfect forms of the given verbs.
Example: The police officer directing traffic told us that there had been (be) an accident at Exit 10 an hour earlier.

1. Ahmed says that Leila (leave) the television on all the time these days.
2. Bob told me that he (want) to stay home last night.
3. I told my teacher that I (read) the chapter before class.
4. When the police officer stopped him, Marty said that he (go) home.
5. The officer said that Marty (have be) exceeding the speed limit.
6. Last year, Marty told me that he (will not speed) anymore.
7. My teacher told me that I (should read) more next year.
8. Two years ago, Kristina's doctor told her that she (have to) do something about her weight.
9. I followed the instructions, which said that the safety switch (must be) on all the time for the equipment to work.
10. Cindy tells me that she (have) some trouble at school these days.


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