SEE REPORT ? Exercise 7 - Past Perfect and other tenses
Use the correct present and past simple, continuous, and perfect forms of the given verbs.
Example: The police officer directing traffic told us that there had been (be) an accident at Exit 10 an hour earlier.

1. Laurel says her daughter (study) too much these days.
2. Vic told me that he (enjoy) the concert last night.
3. I told my boss that I (left) her an e-mail message before she got in yesterday.
4. When I saw her in the lobby, Corinne said that she (go) to dinner with some friends and asked if I wanted to come.
5. I said that we (look) for her for the past five hours.
6. Last year, Daisy told me that she (will not quit) for at least six months.
7. My doctor told me that I (should exercise) more in the future.
8. Two years ago, Scott's parents told him that he (have to) start saving for college.
9. The technician told her that she (should use) a 150-watt bulb yesterday. That's why it blew a fuse.
10. Scientists say that the ozone (thin) more rapidly now than ever before.


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