SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Relative Pronouns
Choose the correct pronoun:
that (things)
who (people)
when (time)
where (place)
Example: I ran into a student who took your class five years ago.

1. I saw a new show was really funny last night.
2. Alex has exactly the thing you need.
3. Do you know anyone can give us a ride?
4. She has a new friend moved in next door to her.
5. Do you know class starts?
6. Last summer, I was in Europe, I visited a lot of museums.
7. You'll never guess I found my cell phone. In my underpants!
8. I like ice cream stores you can make your own sundaes.
9. Do you know I live?
10. Elementary school was a time I was really happy.
11. Find someone wrote down the directions.
12. There is the man helped me yesterday.


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