SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Relative Pronouns
Use the correct pronoun:
which (things)
that (things)
who (people)
whose (belongs to people) Example: I ran into a student who took your class five years ago.

1. Australians, distinctive speech is instantly recognizable, protect their koalas and other native wildlife.
2. Helicopters were used on training missions for pilots flew over the houses.
3. The load, was over three thousand pounds, put too much weight on the axle.
4. Dust had blown in from the plains swirled around the fort.
5. Flowers included every color in the rainbow sprang up around the cabin.
6. The owl, had a two-foot wingspan, swooped down on a mouse.
7. Brightly wrapped boxes had yet to be opened lined the hall.
8. Her cabinet, was quite valuable, had been made in the eighteenth century.
9. The musicians played at the concert will be signing autographs.
10. My mother, was combing her hair, talked to her dog.


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