SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Adjective Clauses
Indicate if the sentence needs commas or not.
Remember that commas are needed for clauses that give extra information.

1. My cousin Julie who is a fashion designer is going to work in New York City.
2. The address that she had given him did not exist.
3. We went to see a film called Black Island which was really good.
4. Do you know any people who have emigrated from the United States to Israel?
5. Ynes Mexia was an explorer whose main interest was botany.
6. Last summer, Mona visited Spokane which is her birthplace.
7. The people who borrowed our flat left it in a shocking condition.
8. I am sorry for people who cannot laugh at themselves.
9. She spent her childhood in Warwick which is a long way from the sea.


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