SEE REPORT Passive Voice

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Use: the passive voice highlights the action instead of who or what did the action.
Note: The active voice is stronger and recommended when you write.

Form:                    BE VERB (was, were, are, is) + PAST PARTICIPLE VERB (taken, drafted, driven, become, written)
Negative:             BE VERB + not + PAST PARTICIPLE VERB
Future:                 will be + PAST PARTICIPLE VERB
Present Perfect: has/have been + PAST PARTICIPLE VERB
Progressive:       BE VERB + being + PAST PARTICIPLE VERB

My pens are always taken. (passive in the present)
Someone always takes my pens. (active) - better: stronger

His car was hit by a garbage truck. (passive in the past)
A garbage truck hit his car. (active) - better: more direct

The trash was not taken out yesterday. (negative passive in the past)
You did not take out the trash yesterday. (active) - better: more direct

The garbage will be picked up before noon. (passive in the future) - better
The garbage truck will pick up the garbage before noon. (active) - unnecessary subject

The trash has already been taken out. (passive in the present perfect)
Johnny has already taken out the trash. (active) - better: more direct

My little schmoopy is being pampered at Pet Spa. (passive in the progressive)
Pet Spa is pampering my little schmoopy. (active)

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