SEE REPORT ? Exercise 4 - Passive with Modals
Complete the sentences with the passive form of the verb with the given modal.

The space station (couldn't, complete)1 before the end of the twentieth century. It (may, finish)2 early in the twenty-first.
Many diseases (can, cure)3 by plants found in the rain forest. Sadly, the world's rain forests (could, destroy)4 during our lifetime if we don't stop cutting down trees. Most people would agree that our forests (ought to, protect)5.
This room (have got to, lock)6. All the lab equipment is here, and it (must, keep)7 safe.
Martin's science project (could, choose)8 for the state fair. The judges' decision (should, made)9 by next week.
I was reading an interesting article this morning. It said that Asia and North America (could, join)10 someday by land transportation. A railroad across the Bering Strait (may, build)11 within the next 25 years.
Life in space (must, understand)12 better. Scientists hope that researchers from many countries (will, seek)13 for future space projects. Chances for international cooperation, like that on the space station, (can't, ignore)14.


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