SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Passive Voice
Choose the correct passive form.

1. Until the road crews finish their work, Richards Street
2. The new supermarket has a huge international-foods department. Foods from all over the world can found there.
3. A new play opened at the Manoa Valley Theater last night. This wonderful show be missed.
4. Works by many twentieth-century artists at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
5. Sara has been misbehaving lately. Maybe her parents be informed.
6. We still have to make the salad, and the table I'll prepare the salad, and you set the table.
7. Be sure to visit San Francisco when you're in California. This magnificent city missed.
8. The last time I moved, I a moving company do all the packing for me.
9. This shirt is pure silk. I guess I should
10. We're thinking of having the party by Nathan's Deli.
11. That cut on your finger looks deep. Maybe you should


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