SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Passive
Complete the sentences with the passive form of the verb. Use the verb tense given.

1. My car (scratch) last night. past tense
2. When (penicillin, discover)? past tense
3. Many diseases can (prevent) with early vaccinations. present tense
4. Many car models (manufacture) in Detroit, Michigan. present tense
5. The lifeguards (praise) for their bravery. past tense
6. In many areas, water (pump) from the ground faster than rain can replenish it. present continuous tense
7. Mr. Henkel (employ) at the Pooper-Scooper Company. present tense
8. All cars must (equip) with computerized monitoring systems. present tense
9. I (hire) for the job I wanted. past tense
10. Your car (finish) by tomorrow afternoon. future tense
11. The current law (review). present continuous tense
12. Vitamin C  (quickly, absorb) by the human body. present tense
13. Many different pesticides can (found) on unwashed fruit. present tense
14. 911 should (call) immediately. past tense
15. Your air-conditioner's compressor (install) incorrectly. past tense


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