SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Prepositions
Complete the sentences with at, in, or on.
Example: I am looking forward to seeing you at the train station.

1. The post office is  Charles Street.
2. The closest post office is Greene City.
3. We'll meet 22 Martin Boulevard at four tomorrow afternoon.
4. They'll be waiting the end of Holland Street.
5. The post office is 54 Charles Street.
6. The election will be  Monroe County.
7 & 8. We ate the top restaurant Chicago.
9. Microsoft's headquarters are located  Redmond, Washington.
10. The tournament will take place  the gym.
11. There are three Mexican restaurants Main Avenue.
12. Barbara is meeting Steve Hawaii on the sixteenth.
13. The party will be Mark's place.
14. There will be construction Highway 14 this weekend.
15. Since meeting Heather, Ryan is almost never home.
16. I was visiting my grandmother the hospital.


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