SEE REPORT ? Exercise 7 - Prepositions
Complete the sentences with appropriate prepositions.
Example: I should be there by 5:00.

1. Jason sits front of Marissa in math class.
2. Marcy went the train station to greet her sister.
3. the front porch he found an old hammer and a box of nails.
4. The lost hiker had walked many miles rough trails.
5. the long, quiet car ride, my little sister fell asleep.
6. I received a lovely necklace Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy.
7. According to this article, Tokyo became the capital of Japan 1868.
8. The plane rose and flew the mountain.
9. Our new house is a big lake.
10. Did you see any rabbits the bicycle path?
11. Hitomi hit the ball the back fence.
12. The carpenters built a whole wall lunch.
13. Meet us the big oak tree.


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