SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Prepositions
Use in, at, and on to complete the conversation.
Example: I am looking forward to seeing you at the train station.

Brian: Hello?
Jeremy: Hi, Brian. It's Jeremy.
Brian: Oh, hi, Jeremy. Listen, I'm having dinner right now. Can I call you back 1 a few minutes?
Jeremy: Sure.
[Ten minutes later]
Jeremy: Hello.
Brian: Hi, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Oh, hi. Star Trek VII is playing at the Cineplex. Are you free 2 Saturday?
Brian: What time?
Jeremy: The first show is 3 noon. Is that okay?
Brian: Noon? No way. 4 weekends I sleep until 1:00. How about a later show?
Jeremy: Well, I can't make it later. But there's a show 5 Sunday 6 6:00.
Brian: Sounds good to me. We can meet at the bus stop 7 5:30.
Jeremy: Okay. See you Sunday.
Brian: Bye.


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