SEE REPORT ? Exercise 8 - Prepositions
Use in, at, and on to complete the letter.
Example: I am looking forward to seeing you at the train station.

Dear Daria,
      Thanks for taking care of Megan this week. Here's some information about her routine. 1 weekdays, I wake her up 2 7:00. She gets dressed and gets ready for school. I usually give her cold cereal, juice, and toast 3 the morning. I take her to school 4 8:00 and pick her up 5 2:30.
      For dinner, we usually have some kind of fish or maybe chicken or turkey, and potatoes or rice, and some kind of green vegetable. 6 dinnertime, Megan and I always talk about our days, so please ask her about school and friends while you're eating. After dinner, Megan does her homework and watches a little TV. She takes her bath 7 8:30 and goes to bed 8 9:00. She likes her bedroom door open 9 night, so please don't close it.
      Oh, I almost forgot! I read in the TV guide about a special program that Megan would love. It's 10 the 22nd, but I don't know what time. It's about the pandas that were born 11 the 1990s at the San Diego Zoo.
I'll call you from the convention 12 a few days. See you 13 Saturday. My flight arrives 14 noon.
Thanks again and lots of love,


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