SEE REPORT ? Exercise 10 - Present Tense
Choose the correct present tense form.

1. Junko, can you me your e-mail address again? I lost it.
2. My e-mail address is it again!
3. Gogol, please give your little sister any soda.
4. The World Cup every four years.
5. I some evening classes this semester, and I have a lot of homework.
6. Hi, Hitomi. late? Do you want to have a drink after work?
7. What You look captivated.
8. for the airport now?
9. What's the name of that song? It familiar.
10. I love old movies. you?
11. My sister and her family live very far from us. We rarely them during the week.
12. I'm reading a book about the history of the Internet. The book with a really interesting story.


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