SEE REPORT ? Exercise 7 - Simple Present & Present Continuous (Progressive)
Use the simple present and present continuous forms of the verbs below to complete the two paragraphs. Some are indicated as the negative form.

be     sit     complain     work     ring     hate     have     be     get
read     lie     enjoy     sip     ring     check

The Daily Grind
(simple present)

      Like any other day, Yumi 1 at work. She 2 in her office cubicle all day. Her phone 3 constantly. She 4 hundreds of emails. Her computer usually 5(negative) when she needs it. Her boss 6 and yells all day. She 7(negative) time to take a break, so she 8 always tired. She 9 her job.

Getting Away
(present continuous)

      Today, Yumi 10 her vacation at the Kahala Hotel & Resort on the beach. She 11 on the beach and 12 a strawberry daiquiri. Her phone 13(negative) because she left it at home. Instead of 14 her email, she 15 a romance novel. She remembers the office as a bad dream. She sees nothing but blue skies and sunshine. She has all time she needs to unwind.


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