SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Simple Present
Write the simple present form of the verb.

1. It (rain) almost every day in Manchester.
2. John is very bright. He (pass) every test without even studying.
3. She (live) in Albuquerque.
4. My life is so boring. I just (watch) TV every night.
5. I (work) at a bank here in town.
6. We (fly) to Japan every summer to visit her family.
7. My mother (make) pancakes for breakfast every morning.
8. My best friend (write) to me every week.
9. The bank (close) at five o'clock.
10. Marcy (try) very hard in class, but I don't think she will pass the course.
11. Alice and I (work) in the same office, but we're completely different.
12. He smiles all the time at work, but I (feel) horrible.
13. The boss thinks he is perfect, but he (drive) me crazy!
14. When I (finish) work, I like to drink beer with my friends.
15. She washes her car every weekend, but I never (clean) mine.

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