SEE REPORT ? Exercise 9 - Simple Present Challenge
Use the simple present tense. Think carefully about the questions and sentences you write. Do they make sense with the given information?
For 1-5, answer with follow-up questions using the given information. Change the pronouns when necessary.
For 6-12, complete the contrast sentences using the clues.
For 13-15, rewrite the statements to make them true. You can make them positive or negative statements. Use a dictionary to help you with vocabulary.
Make sure to use correct capitalization and punctuation.

1. Halley works at a daycare center. (how often?)

2. I like to check my email. (how often?)

3. We both work. (where?)

4. People say stupid things. (why?)

5. I go dancing. (how often?)

6 & 7. The gym (open) at 7:00 a.m. and (close) at 11:00 p.m.

8. Banks don't close early in my hometown. What time (they, close) here?

9 & 10. I (play) the guitar, but I (not, play) very well.

11 & 12. We (not, understand) the word asinine. What (asinine, mean)?

13. Elk hunt tigers.  Corrected:

14. Welders join pieces of wood together.  Corrected:

15. The Connecticut River flows into the Pacific Ocean.  Corrected: 


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