SEE REPORT Present Continuous

Use: actions that are happening now. It is also used for future plans.

Action form:
She is VERBing
I am VERBing

Jack is studying in the den.
I am preparing for the test.
The deadline is quickly approaching.

Action form:
are VERBing

Sally and Bill are studying for the test.
You are acting crazy.
The line-workers are taking breaks too frequently.
BE form:
is/am being

Alice is being silly.
I am being sarcastic.
BE form:
are being

We are being silly.
You are being too noisy.


Jack is not studying. I just checked on him.
I am not doing anything.

Alice is not being silly. This is how she always acts.
I am not being defensive.


Sally and Bill are not studying in the den.
You are not making any sense.

We are not being silly.
You are not being cooperative.
CONTRACTIONS (conversational)

Jack's studying in the den.
I'm preparing for testing.
I'm being sarcastic.
Jack's not studying. OR Jack isn't studying.
I'm not doing anything.
Alice isn't being silly.
I'm not being defensive.
CONTRACTIONS (conversational)

You're acting crazy.
We're being silly.
Sally and Bill aren't studying in the den.
You're not making any sense. OR You aren't making any sense.
You're not being cooperative. OR You aren't being cooperative.
Will Jill and Alex be there? Yes. They are driving down from Boston. (Jill and Alex plan to drive down from Boston.)

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