SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Present Perfect or Simple Past
Choose the correct present perfect or simple past form.
Example: Have you always had the same car?

1. you ever appeared on a game show, Mr. Smith?
2. Why you decide to try out for Risk?
3. You're a librarian? How long that kind of work?
4. you lived here long, Ali?
5. We're sorry that we your game last night.
6. Tomas ever thought about going back to school?
7. Where before you moved here?
8. How your birthday last year?
9. How long Mr. Valdes worked here?
10. Jack and Jill a lot of time working in their yard last spring.
11. Where on your vacation last year?
12. Mara and I are good friends. We each other since we were five years old.
13. Where ? I've been calling you for hours.
14. How Pete lose that game?
15. Where before you took this job?


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