SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Future Plans
Complete the sentences with the future progressive form of the verb.
Example: I will be cooking (cook) dinner when you arrive.

1. He (wear) a beige coat and black tie. You won't miss him.
2. Beth and Nolin (welcome) guests when you arrive.
3. After you register, a security guard (direct) people to the correct place to pay.
4. He (sit) in front of the TV when we get home.
5. It (rain) when we land in Osaka.
6. At this time tomorrow, I (take) the TOEFL test.
7. I (leave) in a few minutes, so can we meet tomorrow instead?
8. The Farley Brothers (perform) at The Palace this Saturday night? Do you want to go?
9. I'm sorry. I (not, attend) class next Tuesday.
10. Next week, we (study) the first wave of immigrants to the United States.
11. If you need help, Professor Lewis (tutor) in the Tutoring Center next Friday.
12. We (run) as a team in this weekend's marathon.
13. (you, stay) here through the winter break?
14. She (work) late at the office Friday night.
15. We (see) Greg at the carnival this weekend.


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