SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Future Plans with going to
Rewrite the verb form with going to to show intention of future plans.
Example: Their family vacationed in Palm Springs last year. Their family is going to vacation in Palm Springs this year. 

1. I am taking Spanish.  I Spanish next semester. 
2. She usually reads the newspaper every morning.  She the newspaper when she gets home.
3. They don't do homework everyday.  They homework tonight.
4. She is eating salad now. She salad this evening.
5. We got to the zoo every year.  We to the zoo next week.
6. I often study with Sharon.  I with Sharon this weekend.
7. She practiced pronunciation yesterday.  She pronunciation late into the night.
8. They visited Jacob. They Jacob at the hospital tomorrow.
9. He rarely goes to the bank.  He to the bank after work.
10. We went sightseeing.  We sightseeing this spring break.
11. I am reading my book. I my book on the beach. 
12. She called her father. She her father this weekend.
13. She watched a movie on TV. She a movie on TV tonight.
14. We washed the car. We the car when the weather clears up.
15. Our team practices three times a week. Our team three times a week next season.


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