SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Simple Future & Future Progressive
Write the simple future or future progressive form of the given verb.
Example: She will be making (make) a presentation on syntax morphology on Saturday.

Adam: 1. She (wait) for us when our train arrives.
Barbara: 2. I am sure she (stand) on the platform when we get to the station.
3. They (pick up) Mark at school and go out to dinner.
4. When we get to the party, I am sure that Jerry (watch) TV.
5. I am absolutely positive they (come) to the party; they always come to parties.
6. I (be) at Michigan State University at this time next year.
7. She (sleep) when you call her tonight.
8. If anything happens and you need to contact me, I (stay) at the Marriot Hotel.
9. I (be) there before you know it.
10. I (work) from home while they are repainting the office.
Alice: 11. Next week at this time, I (sit) on a beach on the Big Island drinking pina coladas.
Bernice: 12. I (still, work) on this marketing project when you get back. I need a vacation!
Alice: 13. I (send) you a postcard while I am there.
14. It (not, make) me feel better even if she apologizes.
15. If it snows this weekend, we (go) skiing near Lake Tahoe.


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