SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Simple Future
Write the simple future form of the given verb.
Example: I will have (have) her call you back.

1. Marcy (need) more sunscreen soon.
2. There (be) a few storms up north this this evening.
3. They (build) the new bathroom in here.
4. The seller (fix) the leaky sink.
5. Her brother (pick up, her) today.
6. My father (visit) me this summer.
7. We (paint) the rooms this weekend, so don' t worry.
8. Her class (study) about dinosaurs and Norwalk's history this summer.
9. You (have) problems with this air conditioner in the near future.
10. The third grade class (have) their science fair in the gym this year.
11. The lab (be closed) next week for repairs.
12. You (need) more memory for this computer to run this software.
13. Who wants to decorate the stage?
      I !(no verb)
14. She (probably, return) tomorrow.
15. If I can't make it, I (call) you.


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